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  1. I´d like to join the vip group as well. Thank you
  2. The final is the same file I have. It seems that the NHK did a rerun of Japan's matches. I bet they would show the whole world cup if they had a standalone football channel. Can you tell me how did you get these games? Screenshots are amazing!! Please let me know what games are you looking for in case we can exchange.
  3. I got it but be warned that the rip degraded the quality quite a bit (file size is just 2-3gb). Leave your email address in a PM. Where did you take those England-Argentina screenshots from??? I can't believe I am seeing a widescreen image of that game. I want all the 98 WC with NHK feed. Same for USA 94. Someone has to have those files besides NHK of course. Will end up emailing them if nothing comes up.
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