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  1. https://filefox.cc/5fhxezsl2wuo/20201227_globe_soccer_awards_eng_1080p.mkv Hello this plz😄
  2. Seems no speed. But I have these files. pm me if you want them.
  3. @kingmaster2 @rapsal @vizerrrs It is from sporthd, itv rebroadcasted it this year, not upscale, true HD, info like what Tano showed. UEFA Champions League Final.25.05.2005.Milan vs Liverpool.Eng.ITV Sport.HD.1080i-SportHD.org.ts 15.9GB
  4. We can trade if you want and send me your list in pm
  5. SkyUK English 1080P HD MKV 3.84G (Replay version)
  6. Sat feed (No scoreboard time or TV tag) TS 30.2G BT sports English MKV Match in 17.46G Prematch 3.5G Post match 4.09G 25.05G in total
  7. dont know, need to download and check.
  8. Channel : Sky Sport HD Source : DVB-S2 Language : 1. German / 2. Stadium Video : 10 Mbps ‖ H.264 ts ‖ 25fps Audio : 384 Kbps ‖ AC3 ‖ 5.1 channels Duration : 90min Size : ~8GB Release : HD 1080i
  9. First leg from SkyUK second leg from ITV no both leg from SkyUK
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