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  1. First leg http://forum.rojadirecta.es/showthread.php?301120-FUTBOL-UCL-16-17-Semi-Final-1st-leg-Real-Madrid-vs-Atletico-Madrid-02-05-2017 Second leg http://forum.rojadirecta.es/showthread.php?301458-FUTBOL-UCL-16-17-Semi-Final-2nd-leg-Atletico-Madrid-vs-Real-Madrid-10-05-2017 Try to find something you need😃
  2. https://vidia.tv/iwt0tl1p1kv6.html# No need to click that annoying short link
  3. Does anyone have the Round 6 Fenebahce vs Man United from the same season UCL?
  4. I have these three files. Also, Brazil vs Turkey & Korea vs Turkey from SBS in 1080i FHD
  5. Would like to join the VIP group. Thanks in advance!
  6. Friend, do you have the full-match version of this game in good quality? I am looking for it.😄
  7. I got two matches in good quality, I would pm you what I am searching for. 1994 QF Italy vs Spain 1080i (Rai Sport, Italian) not widescreen HD 2002 QF South Korea vs Spain 1080i FHD (SBS, Korean)
  8. Naonao

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    Sorry,exchange or buy, no free share
  9. Naonao

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    Three Japan 's Group matches against Argentina, Croatia, Jamaica respectivly, in good quality 1080P, Japanese comment. About 3 gb per game I don't remenber where did i get the Final, but not in very good quality😔 720P, about 2G. Russian, English, Japanese comment, 3 audio tracks
  10. Naonao

    Euro 2004 in HD

    There 's my collections(All in 1920X1080) and I want to exchange Group A Potugal vs Greece/Spain HD or FHD Group B Matchday1 France vs England UEFA.tv [English] Group D Matchday1 Czech Republic vs Latvia TV3 Latvia [Latvian] Group A Matchday2 Portugal vs Russia Canal11 [Russian](Original Sound Track should be Portuguese) Group D Matchday2 Netherlands vs Czech Republic UEFA.tv [English] Group D Matchday2 Latvia vs Germany TV3 Latvia [Latvian] Group C Matchday3 Denmark vs Sweden Матч! [Russian] Quarter Finals Portugal vs England Canal11 [Portuguese]/p.s. BBC english version but not in HD Semi Finals Portugal vs Netherlands UEFA.tv [English] Semi Finals Greece vs Czech Republic Euro1080 HD1 [English] FInal Greece vs Portugal UEFA.tv [English]
  11. Sky sport English 720P 50fps 5500kbps 5.47GB(including pre-match, half-time, post match) SPORTHD English 720P 50fps 4500kbps 3.4GB Want to exchange other Cristiano 's MU games😀
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