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  1. Does anyone have these El Clasicos in 1080i?
  2. Which games do you all have from Euro 2004 in HD? Does anyone have the final match in 1080i?
  3. Tano

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    That version from Russian torrent tracker is not a degraded (low bitrate) HD, it's most likely an upscaled SD. This version uploaded on YouTube was in HD. That screenshot is taken from the World Cup 2002 highlights. There is also a short sample from the final match between Brazil and France. Haha, you made me laugh. 😄 I doubt we will ever get it in any form, but sure there always is some undying hope.
  4. Tano

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    Thanks Majed, I would rather wait for this. 😄
  5. Tano

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    There is a HD since 1979 (an experimental Japanese version). First big competition filmed in HD were Olympics in 1984 and first broadcasted (in cinemas) soccer event was WC 1990 (Japanese and German collaboration). World Cup 1998 was broadcasted in analog HD in Japan. Japanese NHK was showing all games in HD. 7 Years ago on YouTube someone has uploaded a HD version of the final Brazil-France from NHK BS channel, that's why I'm asking whether someone has downloaded it back then.
  6. How many matches in HD do you all have from these World Cups? Has anyone downloaded Brazil-France final from 1998 from YouTube 7 years ago?
  7. People, can you all write which UCL games played before 2008 were shown/uploaded online in HD? We all know about UCL 2004/05 final, 2005/06 final, 2006/07 final. I also saw on this forum Liverpool-Chelsea semifinal from 2007 in HD and A.S. Roma-Manchester United. What else? Does anyone have any other match from this period in HD?
  8. I know, just saying because it's weird they didn't show it in HD.
  9. Sky Sports Uno showed it some time ago but it wasn't in HD.
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