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  1. t1080i

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    Good luck,bro
  2. t1080i

    WC 98, 02, 06 in HD

    NHK don't give a damn about U emailed,dude.Scarcely impossible
  3. A. Back that time when sky sports owed the copyright of ucl, I know it shown the highlights every round,but not ervery full match live commentary ,because ITV have some live copyright,sky sports just have the accessory materials of ucl.Dubbed match(match the clip movement of the match).Can you find out the same match broadcasted by both ITV and sky sports,except THE FINAL? B.Martin tyler hss been employed by SBS(Australia) so far,not just in the late 90s. C.You mixed up what I mean,I didn't say "international broadcasters also use the ITV audio feed".Jim Beglin and Tony Jones are international commentators,not Martin tyler.I have to admit you're right at this piont.
  4. There's misunderstanding that Martin Tyler works on both sky sports and international english commentary chanel section. FOX USA uses that audio signal.When the right of broadcasting is ITV in UCL Knock-out stage,sometimes he 'll commentate couple of matches on international english commentary,just the difference between THE TWO concept,NOT sky sports commentary signal。
  5. Nooooo way! In UCL knock-out stage before BT Sport own the right of brodcasting,England's teams brodcasting are the rule: itv brodcasts one leg,sky Sports brodcasts the other leg!
  6. FA Cup Final 2009 Chelsea V Everton 1080i HDTV H.264 DD2.0-DON https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1897846 1. Pre Game FA Cup Final ITVHD_30-05-2009.ts 7.25GB 2. 1st Half FA Cup Final ITVHD_30-05-2009.ts 3.74GB 3. Half Time FA Cup Final ITVHD_30-05-2009.ts 354.05MB 4. 2nd Half FA Cup Final ITVHD_30-05-2009.ts 5.41GB 5. Post Game FA Cup Final ITVHD_30-05-2009.ts 728.70MB Exchange matches or trade
  7. I have this match sky calcio Ita 1080i ,is there anybody want to exchange matched? PM
  8. I have this match in ESPN 720P,we can exchange matches if you want
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