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  1. Oh ok, here is the link for the sky sports verison and see how it goes and be amazing if you can try https://mega.nz/folder/KRJhhZxb#1kjYuCc2Ml4T8jbIbHbvRA
  2. Thanks for trying, may i ask what was it that was causing the issue when trying to syncing it all together?
  3. hey really massive thank you for this, do you know if there is a way to extract the sky sports commentary and add it onto the bein version, even though bein commentary is fine i actually prefer the commentary from martin tyler especially when hazard scores and his great commentary line, it would be great to have the sky commentary thanks
  4. Just some feedback, lot of compression and articfest and makes it quite unwatchable, it maybe due to the resolution being 720p it needs a higher bitrate usually 4000kbps-5000kbps is fine, due to the lower bitrate around 1500kbps the quality is not the best, i also happen to notice this was downloaded from dailymotion because i know a person who use to upload old matches on there channel so likely dailymotion likely decreased quality, this not a original file, please be mindful and check before uploading but sure someone will appreciate...
  5. Well i guess the argument could be that newer and current matches being played get posted with either free download links or a link that you had to go through ads before you get to the download link (personally dont think current matches are worth watching let alone downloading as having no crowds due to lockdown and pandemic takes away what makes watching a football match special, i can't get into watching a match with no crowd), older matches people generally feel have more value and thus if a person wants that match then they have to offer something in return, who knows what that person did
  6. since registrations are close can you post the magnet link for the BEIN version with 50fps (3.91gb) thanks
  7. I have checked for this and i dont think any scene group recorded this match, they only quality available version is the match of the day highlights of this game, champions did not release this match nor did creative24, i think only bloodzeed recorded this match and uploaded back in 2016, the only other capper i may think have capped this is wAm so wherever he may uploaded someone might have downloaded and has a watermark free version..
  8. you could at least name the files properly with something like year month day - followed by team vs team - resolution and your name at the end of the file makes it easier for others if they want the matches from you, based on your screenshot its hard to point what is what unless you really know what your looking for....
  9. these were only ever released on DVD so the quality that would have been available would have been in SD, they only time the distributors of the season reviews for liverpool starting releasing HD reviews was digitally starting with the 2013/14 season review, so your not going to find higher quality unless there direct dvd rips with the bitrate intact....
  10. Wrong, in most cases the quality of the 720p releases back the from the likes of TBS was really good even on a big screen, i have chelsea 2-0 arsenal from 2009/10 that i watched recently on a 65inch TV and i was really surprised with quality barely any pixellation, the quality back then was better as the recordings were done through F2P capture card before sky removed that option so the end quality was great, yes 1080i will better due to higher bitrate and framerate motion is better as it will be smoother but finding 1080i releases of those games you requested is virtually no existent compared
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