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  1. just the first leg was televised in HD by Sky Premiere but the torrent is dead 😞 the 2nd is available only in SD 4:3 from Sky Premiere, the international feed was 3:4, no HD feed then
  2. widescreen HD or 4:3 SD?
  3. My best friend here, all the best mate ♥
  4. Yep they broadcast the Milan-Bayer in HD at same stadium too
  5. i am searching for it a longtime ago but torrent is dead 😞
  6. 2006/2007 Milan-ManUtd both legs Chelsea-Valencia 1st leg Chelsea-Porto 2nd leg Chelsea-Liverpool both legs Bayern-Madrid both legs Man Utd-Roma 1st leg Bayern-Milan both legs Chelsea-Barcelona 1st leg G Liverpool-Barcelona 1st leg before that season, some games shot in HD widescreen Cameras (Mostly games in England) but weren't screened in HD as first Sky Sports UK HD launched just on May 2006 but both Sky UK & ITV have the original HD widescreen versions from 2001-2007, Uefa themselves have only the 3:4 feed
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