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  2. Channel : Sky Sports UK HD Resolution : 1920x1080 Bitrate : 6500 Kbps Format : TS Size : 5.50 GB Language :English First Half https://rapidgator.net/file/043528d3...0p.1st.ts.html Second Half https://rapidgator.net/file/40d29617...0p.2nd.ts.html _ Channel : ESPN Resolution : 1280x720 Bitrate : 5000 Kbps 60FPS Format : TS Size : 5.20 GB Language :Spanish First Half https://rapidgator.net/file/5ff99a69...0p.1st.ts.html Second Half https://rapidgator.net/file/39418139...0p.2nd.ts.html
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  4. Channel : TLN Resolution : 1280x720 Bitrate : 4500 Kbps 60FPS Format : TS Size : 3.50 GB Language :English First Half https://rapidgator.net/file/bdde8844...0p.1st.ts.html Second Half https://rapidgator.net/file/cbb34cbc...0p.2nd.ts.html _ Channel : ESPN Resolution : 1280x720 Bitrate : 5000 Kbps 60FPS Format : TS Size : 4.50 GB Language :Spanish First Half https://rapidgator.net/file/1eb28d0d...0p.1st.ts.html Second Half https://rapidgator.net/file/a1bda453...0p.2nd.ts.html __ Channel : beIN Sports 4HD Resolution : 1280x720 Bitrate : 1500 Kbps Format : TS Size : 1.25 GB Language :Arabic Full Match https://rapidgator.net/file/8920af51...a.Arab.ts.html
  5. channel: Premier Sport HD language: english format: 720p Direct Link 1st Half https://ouo.io/v1iVgo0 2nd Half https://ouo.io/x7U1T2
  6. Channel : NBC Sports Network Resolution : 1280x720 Bitrate : 4500 Kbps 60FPS Format : TS Size : 3.75 GB Language :English First Half https://rapidgator.net/file/35a1318e...PS.1st.ts.html Second Half https://rapidgator.net/file/b85a359f...PS.2nd.ts.html
  7. English Premier League 20/21 - 26/10/2020 Burnley vs Tottenham channel: Sky Sport HD language: english format: 1080p Pre Match http://exe.io/ZPEPGgYI https://gsurl.be/kS0x 1st Half http://exe.io/yqV2MXNv https://gsurl.be/kS0K 2nd Half http://exe.io/lc9uyox https://gsurl.be/kS1i Post Match channel: Sky Sport HD language: english format: 720p Pre Match https://ouo.io/ouBIZA https://gsurl.pw/kS0x 1st Half https://ouo.io/lIrfojY https://gsurl.pw/kS0K 2nd Half https://ouo.io/bLz9lw4 https://gsurl.pw/kS1i Post Match
  8. EPL 20/21 - Matchday 6 - Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur - 26/10/2020 Channel: Optus| Language: English| Size: 3 gb | Quality:720Mp4 Vidia 1st Half https://payskip.org/QDwNpZLb https://fc.lc/t3t2TwNq Note: 2 Minutes of the match are missing 2nd Half Sky https://payskip.org/YxQRsh https://fc.lc/YwB2vN3
  9. Serie A 20/21 - Matchday 5 - AC Milan vs AS Roma - 26/10/2020 Channel: Premier Sport| Language: English| Size: 4 gb | Quality:1080Mp4 Vidia 1st Half https://fc.lc/zRxR https://payskip.org/WIaZD 2nd Half https://payskip.org/Tv6TOx https://fc.lc/AOWM
  10. EPL 20/21 - Matchday 6 - Brighton vs West Bromwich Albion - 26/10/2020 Channel: Nbc| Language: English| Size: 4 gb | Quality:1080 Mp4 Vidia 1st Half https://payskip.org/azLiGyXCTTR https://fc.lc/ZJb2um 2nd Half https://payskip.org/RHbUdyUT https://fc.lc/FpixN
  11. English Premier League 20/21 - 26/10/2020 Brighton vs West Bromwich channel: Super Sport HD language: english format: 1080p Pre Match https://ouo.io/C4sLpx https://gsurl.be/kRZy 1st Half https://ouo.io/IoymZt https://gsurl.be/kS00 2nd Half https://ouo.io/kYvLqS https://gsurl.be/kS0r Post Match http://exe.io/uxsb2 https://gsurl.be/kS0t channel: Super Sport HD language: english format: 720p Pre Match http://exe.io/CP0v https://gsurl.pw/kRZy 1st Half https://ouo.io/JEpytQS https://gsurl.pw/kS00 2nd Half https://ouo.io/xZnZEQ https://gsurl.pw/kS0r Post Match https://ouo.io/xJuPIX https://gsurl.pw/kS0t
  12. Saturday.Night.Live.S46E04.Adele.1080p.WEB.h264-BAE Saturday.Night.Live.S46E04.Adele.720p.WEB.h264-BAE Saturday.Night.Live.S46E04.Adele.WEB.h264-BAE
  13. channel: BT Sport HD language: english format: 720p Direct Link https://ouo.io/EE49oTu channel: BT Sport HD language: english format: 1080p http://exe.io/7raHAgSo
  14. channel: Super Sport HD language: english format: 720p Direct Link https://ouo.io/O3nMLD
  15. channel: Free Sport HD language: english format: 720p Direct Link https://ouo.io/W6zhtL channel: Free Sport HD language: english format: 1080p http://exe.io/zvXq
  16. I found this match in both ITV Commentary and HDSuisse and made exchange. Thank you everyone who reached out via PM.
  17. channel: BT Sport HD language: english format: 720p Direct Link https://ouo.io/oZnA17 channel: BT Sport HD language: english format: 1080p http://exe.io/UTBrTM
  18. Movies and Series Full Pack Ertugrul Ghazi Serie 1 http://exe.io/UsSHj http://exe.io/bhHBAY http://exe.io/QeHlI http://exe.io/OmEU2 http://exe.io/lmk8eH http://exe.io/WRFHZJ http://exe.io/0gqsPMJO http://exe.io/1TEK0 http://exe.io/VExROh http://exe.io/QQPasD http://exe.io/DZML http://exe.io/iarMYXM http://exe.io/DhKbkG5W http://exe.io/93jH http://exe.io/sNeOK http://exe.io/e0VF3nJz http://exe.io/s9Lvt http://exe.io/CmdcLFhl http://exe.io/YT1rn7 http://exe.io/ak67Zg9A http://exe.io/DLvAVrKf http://exe.io/AofPGVbM http://exe.io/Bx6MdGc http://exe.io/ZkOOap http://exe.io/CtVDrM0 http://exe.io/ml3oqBPq http://exe.io/a2AoHpXE http://exe.io/hsm3OnR http://exe.io/HTwnum http://exe.io/nSmSISW0 http://exe.io/hw7Ce http://exe.io/Ucugvi http://exe.io/imA3SMk http://exe.io/93vzoZCV http://exe.io/SZLHo http://exe.io/tUtqL http://exe.io/pNdqF http://exe.io/CbxWji http://exe.io/FPJqmH http://exe.io/QH4fenTo http://exe.io/h6LD5pv http://exe.io/9i28l4m http://exe.io/R9IRRKN http://exe.io/vQQdEcVg http://exe.io/jXgh0ixg http://exe.io/CeXfIKMD http://exe.io/PUNIrlT http://exe.io/otk91nuj http://exe.io/L0SbeTMV http://exe.io/8xXn16v http://exe.io/PbzOcM http://exe.io/R7LPNL http://exe.io/MW3J http://exe.io/ydyEcNo2 http://exe.io/wygRzXDY http://exe.io/zP0yI http://exe.io/qIhpg http://exe.io/Up05DaV http://exe.io/A45Pl http://exe.io/8xGyv http://exe.io/GcAg http://exe.io/cfw8Thr http://exe.io/o589M http://exe.io/i7iWorw http://exe.io/VoUGSDB http://exe.io/rBxogW http://exe.io/r3SS http://exe.io/hYEZWia http://exe.io/VQLoCE http://exe.io/u1nhAZi http://exe.io/dUXgoA http://exe.io/7qSk3IO http://exe.io/aNMo http://exe.io/YrKioR Second Links https://fc.lc/SYaIL https://fc.lc/ije1 https://fc.lc/5P9g https://fc.lc/JWPey https://fc.lc/4R0y https://fc.lc/VDmb https://fc.lc/be36U https://fc.lc/LrOP2YU https://fc.lc/aAMQs https://fc.lc/7PtblQU https://fc.lc/wmpW https://fc.lc/CWMl https://fc.lc/hV8VOxW https://fc.lc/TtqY5aPO https://fc.lc/zJKvtQq https://fc.lc/EgVzxZK https://fc.lc/WbCOMOS https://fc.lc/SKaEkh https://fc.lc/IXGGk https://fc.lc/JQ59x https://fc.lc/VVKKmp https://fc.lc/vYii https://fc.lc/tBEB https://fc.lc/tMtWEyc https://fc.lc/AGynJFyb https://fc.lc/8oNcq https://fc.lc/6TVdGmaT https://fc.lc/UGbgy https://fc.lc/e9KXR1n https://fc.lc/27AJLNR https://fc.lc/cDeLTof https://fc.lc/TPayHA4 https://fc.lc/V2OZ0e https://fc.lc/UarYA9 https://fc.lc/TH8K https://fc.lc/C8OiNc https://fc.lc/DsGU8L https://fc.lc/Cbw3 https://fc.lc/C3d6 https://fc.lc/xEuV2 https://fc.lc/09ioagC1 https://fc.lc/Xo6a https://fc.lc/jf5Rr https://fc.lc/6fgVCiwC https://fc.lc/jo18o4h https://fc.lc/Xv1Ln7 https://fc.lc/OPd7 https://fc.lc/tezAXL https://fc.lc/KIzRjNh8 https://fc.lc/JM8nXO https://fc.lc/VZgXH https://fc.lc/qThH https://fc.lc/ry3Ep https://fc.lc/ij5bM https://fc.lc/FSbwFU https://fc.lc/iWOLS https://fc.lc/RWH0HaIY https://fc.lc/m4SIv https://fc.lc/DZy40W https://fc.lc/4Lxie https://fc.lc/4Vkk https://fc.lc/XSMa https://fc.lc/ZKgXF5 https://fc.lc/IIV5nJ https://fc.lc/MOTz4 https://fc.lc/OLy4TDcr https://fc.lc/Ki0VY https://fc.lc/1DJyWN https://fc.lc/afhE https://fc.lc/8Z2dm https://fc.lc/bZxH https://fc.lc/N6IOW https://fc.lc/kZf5B8oW https://fc.lc/4cx3N
  19. Premier League review,26/10/2020 Channel: Bt| Language: English| Size: 2.5 gb | Quality:1080 Mp4 Vidia https://payskip.org/fcNZSKW https://fc.lc/RUIOqB7
  20. Epl The Weekend Review,26/10/2020 Channel: Supersport| Language: English| Size: 3.5 gb | Quality:1080 Mp4 Vidia https://payskip.org/aiZgGmv38 https://fc.lc/kkF6ctjE
  21. Copa del Rey 2013-2014 FC Barcelona vs Cartagena channel: beIN Sport HD language: english format: 720p Full Match Direct Link https://ouo.io/vsjJjX
  22. Does anyone have 1080p post match that's NOT from MU vs Tottenham match? Preferably mega link? TIA
  23. can someone help me with these matches? i want them so much in german from premiere, rtl + sat1 i pay 750€ for all games. + 2002/2003 quarterfinal real madrid-manchester united, german, premiere 2002/2003 quarterfinal ac milan-ajax, german, premiere 2002/2003 semifinal real madrid-juventus, german, premiere 2002/2003 semifinal juventus-real madrid, german, premiere 2002/2003 final ac milan-juventus, german, premiere 2003/2004 group-stage manchester united-stuttgart, german, premiere 2003/2004 group-stage bayern-lyon, german, premiere 2003/2004 round of 16 stuttgart-chelsea, german, premiere 2003/2004 round of 16 chelsea-stuttgart, german, premiere 2003/2004 semifinal monaco-chelsea, german, premiere 2003/2004 final porto-monaco, german, premiere 2004/2005 semifinal chelsea-liverpool, german, premiere 2004/2005 semifinal liverpool-chelsea, german, premiere 2004/2005 semifinal eindhoven-ac milan, german, premiere 2004/2005 final liverpool-ac milan, german, premiere 2005/2006 quarterfinal - arsenal-juventus, german, premiere 2005/2006 semifinal ac milan-barcelona, german, premiere 2005/2006 semifinal barcelona-ac milan, german, premiere 2006/2007 semifinal chelsea-liverpool, german, premiere 2007/2008 quarterfinal - barcelona-schalke, german, premiere 2007/2008 semifinal - barcelona-manchester united, german, premiere please with pre+post match if available 😊
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